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We produce top quality roses and avocados whilst observing the highest level of social and environmental responsibility.

About us

About Mt. Elgon Orchards

From its location at the base of Mount Elgon in Western Kenya, Mount Elgon Orchards is a place of pride and heritage. This land and its soil have been lovingly cultivated by the the Andersen horticultural family since 1922, with their stewardship continuing to the present day.

Today there are over 43 hectares of roses and 80 hectares of avocados being grown, with plans to expand to 200 hectares of avocados in the coming years. All our products are planted in Kenya’s richest soil and in a high rainfall area at an altitude of 2,000 meters. As a company we are devoted to constant improvement of our products and sustainability, every day, and are fully dedicated to our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2023.

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Our History

Timeline of our journey in Kenya

  • R. A. Andersen moves to Kenya from Jönköping, Sweden.


  • The Andersens purchase farmland on slopes of Mount Elgon. Border River Nurseries begins producing avocados, apples, peaches, plums, oranges, lemons and rose bushes.


  • First commercial coffee planting takes place.


  • First commercial apple orchard established on the property.


  • The orchard's rose nursery begins selling rose plants for gardens around Africa.


  • Initial planting the Fuerte avocado take place.


  • Ownership of the farm is consolidated, and oranges are planted commercially.


  • Bob Andersen takes over as owner. Roses are again planted in 1993.


  • 2 adjacent farms are purchased for expansion. Rose Handling Services BV is established in The Netherlands to improve product quality.


  • Between 2016 and 2018, 80 hectares of Hass avocados are planted.


  • Moving forward!


We stand for


After 20 years of growing roses Mount Elgon Orchards has developed a well known brand in the industry.


It is impossible to think that we can produce a top quality product without caring for the people who are behind the production process.


It might be unusual to have "fun" as a core value in a commercial business but we believe that having fun makes our work easier and improves product quality.

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