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Mount Elgon Orchards

Quality • Responsibility • Fun

We genuinely believe that a happy work force is the best guarantee of quality; we work hard at creating a great working environment and living our core values of Quality, Responsibility and Fun.

Mount Elgon Orchards has developed an internationally acclaimed brand by becoming the first flower farm in Africa (in 2012) to obtain the MPS quality accreditation, as well as numerous accreditations in responsible farming. We supply exclusive markets with a reliable and consistent product that assures our clients of excellence and quality. Our processes are closely monitored to achieve the highest level of innovation whilst keeping in mind our social and environmental responsibility every step of the way.

We believe that it is impossible to produce a top quality product without caring for the people who are behind the processes. It is also impossible to claim pride within that product if it has caused harm to our environment.

Therefore it is our priority to be good to our people and to create mutual respect between management and employees, not only in adhering to all national labour laws and the Collective Bargaining Agreement of the flower industry, but by grounding our success on uplifting our employees, addressing needs of their families, and providing assistance to the surrounding community.

The employees of Mount Elgon Orchards are core to our success and benefit from all of our social development projects in the Chepchoina area, such as school systems, hospital services, housing, and agricultural projects under the Mount Elgon Trust (a foundation dedicated to education, healthcare and welfare).

Mount Elgon Orchards firmly believes in protecting our environment and the natural state of Mount Elgon in Kenya. Our environmental protection efforts include a hydroelectric plant, recycling waste products, sustainable solutions for water supply, soil preparation, pest management and fertilization.

All of these efforts contribute to our goal of establishing a negative carbon footprint over the coming years. In our rural surroundings, sustainability and responsibility to our environment and community is a challenge we happily take on!

As a commercial business you may question our core values highlighting fun, although at Mount Elgon Orchards we believe by having fun the work becomes easier.

You'll notice the “fun” as you tour the farm or walk through the grading halls. You will find it in messages written on some of our employee's uniforms, and in the warm greetings you receive.

There is fun in every department, and this is reflected in the laughter and warm atmosphere found throughout the farm. This sense of fun has resulted in a self-motivated, content and communicative staff who are proud of their work and of the premium products they produce.

From the music in our grading halls, to singing harvesters in our greenhouses, to barbecue parties for all our departments, to sports tournaments, to sit-down Christmas lunches for a 1000+ people and to surprise bonuses, we believe in bringing people together, making them feel comfortable and happy so that everyone can enjoy our company culture and emphasis on community.

Enjoy our top quality products. Mount Elgon Orchards - a great Kenyan brand.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

~ African proverb