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Mount Elgon Orchards is one of the oldest horticultural farms in Kenya. It was founded in 1920 by a Swedish botanist, the grandfather of the current owner Bob Andersen.

Over the years the farm has grown many different products, such as coffee, avocados, apples and peaches. Commercial rose production started in 1993 and since then, the farm has developed into a place where everyone involved is totally committed to growing the finest quality roses. In 2016 we began expanding again into avocados, with the target of growing 200 hectares of some of the best Hass in the world. We strongly believe in looking after each other and looking after the environment, and this can be felt throughout all of the processes on the farm.

Among our projects, we proudly include:

• A hydro power plant which powers 70% of the farm’s annual needs, we love renewable energy!

• Rain water harvest schemes, collecting water runoff from our greenhouses and using this for avocado irrigation, which drastically reduces our need for external water sources and saves millions of litres per year.

• Re-forestation exercises, encouraging natural forest growth and rehabilitation. Due to these efforts, we are seeing the return of indigenous species into the area.

• Fertiliser recycling, meaning that we maximise the effect and lower usage of fertiliser.

And continuous further innovation in this field!

We stand for


After 20 years of growing roses Mount Elgon Orchards has developed a well known brand in the industry.


It is impossible to think that we can produce a top quality product without caring for the people who are behind the production process.


It might be unusual to have "fun" as a core value in a commercial business but we believe that having fun makes our work easier and improves product quality.

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